Why Does My Dog Stand on Me?

Dogs have become one of the most popular pets all over the world. Though they are very amusing to watch, a lot of their actions are very concerning. People tend to have a lot of questions regarding their dogs which is very typical.

One slightly popular question is why does my dog stand on me? It is behavioral. It is typical behavior for dogs. Here we have tried to solve all of your concerns.

What does it imply when a dog stands on you?

Why does my dog stand on me
What does it imply when a dog stands on you

It can be challenging to figure out why your dog stands on you. It can be to get a view out the window, but in most cases, it’s due to showing dominance.

If you see that your dog inclines to stand up on your lap while you’re sitting, then he is trying to deliver power. These are classic dominant patterns.

By standing over you, they try to mean that they are higher up than you. He thinks that he’s the boss.

What’s the main reason behind it?

We have known that the main reason behind it is that they want to say that they are the boss though you’re in control. The main reason behind it is, dogs are primitive beasts.

They have a lot of primal instincts still left in them. This is one of those primal instincts where they used to try to establish themselves as the Alpha in the pack.

Another reason could be that it is simply their way of trying to control a situation.

What should you do in this case?

Why does my dog stand on me
What should you do in this case

Dogs standing over you can be a problem for you cause it’s not ideal. But there’s something you can do to stop your dog from repeating it.

If you give some effort and try to train your dog not to do these types of activities, then your dog’s training can be adjusted.

You should behave well with your dog and stay patient in this case. If the dogs become aggressive, then you shouldn’t ignore it cause it would only get worse. So you should contact your veterinarian.

What’s the solution, and what things should be considered?

Why does my dog stand on me
What’s the solution, and what things should be considered

If your dog invariably tries to do the same or becomes aggressive, the solution could be very tricky. It can be out of your control. Some fruitful steps could be:

  • Find an expert who specializes in canine behavior. You won’t want to make the situation too dangerous to contact a specialist if you see that the dog has behavioral issues.
  • These could simply be signs of dominance. Other symptoms of power could be hiding possessions from you, obstructing you when you move, excessive barking for food, and always trying to be in front of you. If you can identify these signs quickly, then it becomes easier for you to control the situation.
  • If your dog becomes aggressive and snaps nappy, you should contact your vet and rectify the dog’s unruly attitude.
  • Try to train your dog when it’s a puppy so that such issues don’t arise.


I hope you’ve found out your answer about why does my dog stands on me? You should remember that although your dog may show aggressive behavior, you’re the dog’s guardian, and you should take care of the situation calmly without causing any harm to the dog.

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