What to Do With a Stray Dog at Night?

What to do with a stray dog at night

Coming back from your work, you find a stray dog crying on the corner of the dustbin is a very common possibility. In the middle of the night, when dog rescue and animal control organizations aren’t able to help, you might be confused. What to do with a stray dog at night?  First, try to … Read more

What is Koehler Method of Dog Training?

What is Koehler method of dog training

Many dog owners want to control their dog’s bad behavior and look for Koehler’s method of dog training? William Koehler has built a dog training strategy during WWII that a dog acts on what he learns. According to his philosophy, a dog can choose his right to take action in certain conditions. So, you can … Read more

Can fleas kill a dog? Signs & Treatment

Can fleas kill a dog

 A flea is a parasite that lives off sucking blood from the host. Fleas mainly target dogs and cats. Unusually dogs are their favorite target as it has denser coat than cats. Fleas like dark places, so they colonize in the deeper furry areas. Most dog owners ask, can fleas kill a dog? Fleas can … Read more

How to Keep Dog Water From Freezing?

How to keep dog water from freezing

In winter, everything freezes at a low temperature. So, this is an obvious question to ask how to keep dog water from freezing who stays outside. We will share some simple to more practical solutions without getting into the details.  Using ping pong balls is a common way to prevent water freezing as it will … Read more

How to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity?

How to heat a dog house without electricity

Most of the dog houses are at a distance from the owner’s home. So, many pet owners don’t have the facility to keep the dog house warm with electricity. Therefore here is a solution combining multiple methods on how to heat a dog house without electricity. Seal the dog house entirely if there is any … Read more

How to Tell If a Dog Has a Concussion?

How to tell if a dog has a concussion

Concussions in dogs are possible? Sure. Having a concussion in a dog is similar to having a concussion in a human, but dogs can’t communicate their feelings, and we must know How to tell if a dog has a concussion? So that we can help them. At first, it may take some time after the … Read more

How to Collapse a Dog Crate? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to collapse a dog crate

How to collapse a dog crate? Please check your Owners’ Manual for your specific box on the collapse. If your dog is inside the crate, make sure the doors are locked properly, just as if he were. First, fold the side panels of the crate (the short sides) inward, then locate the tabs connecting the … Read more

How to Stop a Dog From Being Aggressive Towards Cats?

Having cats and dogs around is a pleasure. Unfortunately, sometimes they are unable to live together peacefully. So if you are a dog owner, you should know how to stop being aggressive towards cats? When aggressive behavior is becoming an issue, pet owners need to take responsibility. You can handle aggressive behavior from your dog … Read more

How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves?

How to behave so your dog behaves

How to behave, so your dog behaves? It’s a book for human behavior towards dogs.  The revised and expanded edition of this original bestseller has been written by one of the top veterinarian behaviorists in the nation and includes new chapters that cover the most recent developments in the study of dog behavior and reinforce … Read more

How to Jerk Off a Dog? Mounting or Masturbation

How to jerk off a dog

How to jerk off a dog? Mounting, pushing (bumping) and masturbation are ordinary practices displayed by most canines. Canines stroke off differently. They mount and push against different creatures, individuals and items, like wadded-up covers, canine beds and toys. Some of the time, canines simply rub against individuals or articles (without mounting them), or they … Read more