How To Cremate A Dog Yourself

How To Cremate A Dog Yourself

We know how hard it is to imagine your best friend passing away. Your dog gets closer than anyone else in your life. Yet you have to plan ahead for your dog. Because if you lose him for old age or any reason, that might bring an emotional breakdown. So planning for the deceased pet … Read more

My Dog Is Shaking And Throwing Up

My Dog Is Shaking And Throwing Up

Our pet dog is like our children. We want them safe and sound all the time. However, if your dog suddenly starts shaking and throwing up you will be panicked. There are some common reasons for shaking, like feeling cold or feeling too excited. If your dog is very old, shaking is not an alarming … Read more

How to Sell a Dog on Craigslist?

How to sell a dog on craigslist is an internet community where members may just about everywhere submit classified advertising. The website allows users to publish advertisements, but not to sell, for all sorts of animals. As thousands of people see that resource every day, you will have to look at prospects carefully to guarantee that your friend finds a nice … Read more

How to Cook Liver for Dogs

How to cook liver for dogs

Chicken liver is healthy and delicious food for any dog. It is also effortless to prepare. However, many owners might not consider incorporating it into their dog’s diet since they have never tasted it themselves. If you’re anything like them, you and your pet are losing out on some excellent treats. If you want to … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog

How long does it take to train a dog

When you get a new puppy or old stray dog, it is really exciting. You will feel like you have a new kid at home, and now you have to nurture it right. But the thing that bothers most people is training a dog. And a dog trainer often gets this question “ How long … Read more

Dog Paw Pad Injury Healing Time and Prevention

Dog paw pad injury healing time and Prevention

Your dog can suffer from both intense pain and infections due to paw pad injuries. When your dog suffers from this type of injury while walking, it is certainly painful for him. So must be careful about dog paw pad injury healing time and prevention. A thousand things can cause paw injuries if your dog … Read more

How to Knock a Dog Unconscious/Can Dogs Get Taken Out?

How to knock a dog unconscious

How to knock a dog unconscious? You may also help your dog relax by providing a favorite blanket with a familiar scent. You can spray cages, automobiles, or any other carrier where the dog is kept with a spray. The rapid motion causes brain damage, causing the receiver to fall unconscious. Consult your veterinarian for … Read more

Small Black Bugs on Dog not Fleas?

Small black bugs on dog not fleas

Black bugs and fleas are two small insects. Dogs can get infected by a number of insects that look like fleas but act differently and cause different symptoms. The easiest way to deal with these problems is to understand how to detect small black bugs on dogs, not fleas. It’s important first to learn what … Read more

How Often Can Dogs Have Puppies?

How often can dogs have puppies

How often can dogs have puppies? Normally, this takes about twice a year or every six months, although it varies from dog to dog. There can be three cycles per year in some dogs. The large dog breeds experience the cycle one to two times a year, and smaller dogs go through the cycle two … Read more