My Dog Is Shaking And Throwing Up

Our pet dog is like our children. We want them safe and sound all the time. However, if your dog suddenly starts shaking and throwing up you will be panicked. There are some common reasons for shaking, like feeling cold or feeling too excited. If your dog is very old, shaking is not an alarming indication.

Also, if your dog is Throwing up suddenly, that can be for overeating or eating too fast. But if you are still asking, my dog is shaking and throwing up, and what should I do? This article may help you.

Reasons for Shaking and Throwing Up

My Dog Is Shaking And Throwing Up
Reasons for Shaking and Throwing Up

Cold or Fear is enough to make your dog shaking and throwing up. And there are other reasons as well, like Emotional, Physical, Poisoning, and Metabolic Diseases. Let’s look at them one by one.


Smaller breeds of dogs get anxiety attacks and respond by shaking and throwing up. Sudden happiness and fear can result in the same as well. If your dog gets to see you after a long time of emotional breakdown or loud sound nearby, the dog can give it a shock. And the body may respond by trembling and result vomiting.

Physical Imbalance

Both underweight and overweight can cause shaking and vomiting in dogs. If your dog is not eating regularly, this problem can occur. Make sure your dog is eating to avoid this problem. Although shaking and vomiting can be a concerning sign for Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

Usually, this happens in female mid-aged dogs. If your female Schnauzer, Dachshund, or Poodle is getting overweight, try to keep them in shape.


It is the most probable reason for shaking and throwing up. Chocolate, petroleum oil are harmful to your dog. If it accidentally swallows anything that is not digestible for dogs, that will make your dog vomit. And in addition, your dog can get tremors and shock.

Rat poison or snail bait is dangerous for anyone. But a dog won’t judge that as bait and may eat that, so take a look at your traps if your dog is suddenly vomiting. If your dog has ingested poisonous foods or plants, it may show diarrhea, blood in stool, and many other signs.

Even everyday food like sugar-free gums can be poisonous for dogs. Also, don’t let your dog eat cigarette butts cause they can give episodic asthma and tremor to dogs.

Metabolic Diseases

One of the reasons for tremor and vomiting is Distemper. A virus causes this disease. If your dog is not vaccinated correctly, the disease can show signs of shaking and vomiting. But the disease can affect only puppies of very old dogs. Mature dogs have a better immune system to fight this.

Damaged kidneys may result in shaking and throwing up. But these symptoms are rare to appear. If your dog vomits and shakes, look at its other behavior. It may get thirsty more than usual and also urinate more times, which can cause diabetes and result in tremors and vomit.

What to do if my dog is shaking and throwing upMy Dog Is Shaking And Throwing Up

Before doing anything, you will have to understand why your dog is doing so. If the dog is going through an emotional disturbance, give him some time to recover. Observe if it is showing any severe conditions. You can check if there is any physical problem. Press on its gum; if there is no disease, it will be normal within 2 seconds.

Suppose you are worried that your dog has ingested something he shouldn’t. Take him to a vet. The vet will clean his stomach and give the necessary treatment.

There is a high chance of diabetes if your dog is lazy. Take an appointment with your vet and treat your dog as the vet says. This will prevent any severe risk of getting any other life-threatening disease.


Just like you, I will be worried if My dog is shaking and throwing up all of a sudden. But instead of getting panicked, taking the proper steps with a calm mind can save your dog’s life.

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