How To Trick A Drug Sniffing Dog

You may have heard stories of legends who hide drugs from police K9 sniffing dogs. Or you might know a guy who knows another guy whose uncle’s dealer’s best friend’s nephew tricked a drug-sniffing dog. Now the thing is, it’s almost impossible to pass the nose of trained sniffers.

But what you can do is confuse the dog for a short period, so you don’t end up in jail. There are some myths about how to trick a drug sniffing dog, but some of them might come in handy.

How the Drug Sniffing Dogs Work

How To Trick A Drug Sniffing Dog
How the Drug Sniffing Dogs Work

The olfactory sensors of dogs are 6 times higher than humans. An average human has 50 million olfactory nerve sensors, where a dog has 300 million. And the smelling sense works more like the vision in dogs.

Dogs identify different smells just like we differentiate objects. For example, suppose if someone puts a fruit basket with multiple fruits and asks you to take the apple, you can do that easily. In dogs, the same happens with smells. They can identify each item by its unique scents one at a time.

For example: If you cook a dish with meat, peas, and many other spices, you will be able to tell only the strongest smelling item. But a dog can smell each and every item in that dish: Meat, peas, chili, garlic, salt, etc. I hope you got my point.

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Methods Used in tricking a Sniffing Dogs.

How To Trick A Drug Sniffing Dog
Methods Used in tricking a Sniffing Dogs

Smugglers have tried various methods over the ages to trick police dogs. None of them have been able to succeed. Yet, some of them have worked to confuse the dog but have not been able to trick them totally.

Sealing in Plastic Bag or Container

This trick has worked in a tiny percentage of the time. This is because the aroma of drugs leaks into the air, and the dog can identify it without reaching the exactly hidden chamber. However, wrapping in an air-tight plastic container may work for a short time but not for a long time.

Because smell diffuses with air molecules and airtight, a container is molecular, and an air bubble can get out of the container. If the dog stays long enough with the search party it will discover the drug anyway.
Yet if you can pass through the search point quick enough, you may be tricking the dog, but it is not guaranteed.

Freezing The Drugs

Freezing can increase the time to leak the smell for a long time but not suppress it. And you will need a lot of ice to cover a tiny number of drugs. The scent will spread slower with ice-covered but won’t stop spreading it. If you are traveling a long distance, this won’t work.

Lead Airtight Box

Lead is impenetrable even with x-ray. You can carry drugs in a lead airtight container, and there is a very low chance of getting it discovered by a police hound. This method might work, but the problem will arise that police can easily get a search warrant to break the lock and check inside the container.

There is no valid reason to carry an airtight lead box unless you have something to hide from others. So, this might work for you if the lead box is hidden out of sight.

Confusing the Dog

As I already stated, it is impossible to bypass the smell from a sniffer dog’s nose. No matter how much you mask it, a sniffer dog will always find the smell. So the best method to trick a dog is to confuse it.

To confuse a dog, you can use two methods. One is making weed solutions with water. Smoke a lot of weed and put it into a spray water bottle. Spray the water in places where you can hide drugs but you didn’t.

The dogs will circle around to the areas you spread and you may be able to hide the drugs somewhere else where there is no question for the dog to reach. And if you can make it long enough the search party may leave without issuing any warrant.

Another way to confuse a dog is another animal scent. Usually, some use aesthetic scents like deer urine and spray it on different areas of the car. The dog is a hunter in nature, so he will follow his instinct and go after that animal scent instead of doing his job.

Conclusion for how to trick a drug sniffing dog

There is no guaranteed method of how to trick a drug sniffing dog. I have shared the tricks that have worked in some cases but not in all cases. Police hound has strong-smelling sense whereas the trainer has some other tricks. So beating only the dog won’t get you to win if the officer is smart enough.