How to Sell a Dog on Craigslist? is an internet community where members may just about everywhere submit classified advertising. The website allows users to publish advertisements, but not to sell, for all sorts of animals.

As thousands of people see that resource every day, you will have to look at prospects carefully to guarantee that your friend finds a nice home. Still, you can make some money by justifying the potential of the interested party. You will ask the fee to check if they are financially able to take your dog. Here is how to sell a dog on Craiglist.

Selling the dog on craigslist

How to sell a dog on craigslist
Selling the dog on craigslist

Sadly, the website restrictions prevent the sale of pets on their website. The pet sales are restricted and are specified in your sales section. Rather, they have to think of a different means of selling system called rehoming. For a nominal amount, pet owners who want to hand away their animals can change the rule by rehoming the interest.

Yet, there is a good potential to get a fair amount of money instead of giving your pet away for free. Also if you are a dog breeder who wants to earn some extra cash through Craiglist can use the ads posting space. As long as other members aren’t complaining or the admin panel doesn’t remove your ad you are good to go.

Posting Ads on Craiglist

With Craigslist visitors are free to publish online advertisements using a valid email address, either with or without an account. Post your ad in or nearest to you to the city you stay in. Put your ad in the website’s ‘Community’ section.

Include several clear photos of your animal, so potential adopters may get a good impression of how it appears. List the age of your pet, physical features, vaccines, and temperament information.

Tell you to charge your pet a minor renewal cost of around $50. Forgotten Felines of Toledo advises that this will not encourage prospective animal abusers, individuals interested in dogfighting, and hoarders to reply to your announcement.

What do you do after getting a potential who has shown interest in your dog?

How to sell a dog on craigslist
What do you do after getting a potential who has shown interest in your dog

If you haven’t done it before, it could be tricky. This should not, however, prevent you from conducting the rehoming procedure. It’s not a confusing process.

Here are a couple of tips to make your dog a nice place to be:


Somebody expresses interest in your dog once.
Contact them and discuss the dog they are searching for. Contact them.
Have a chat and learn crucial information, for example:

  • If they own a dog for the first time.
  • If they have experienced other things with dogs
  • What the appearance of your family.
  • Their physical requirements

The major purpose of this is to guarantee that the personality of the new owner suits the dog.

Fill Up Forms

Get a form to complete both private personal and other crucial information, which will let you monitor them for anything. These details will also assist to guarantee that the potential customer is credible.

Perform Home Check

The next move is to meet. You can go to their residence to see whether their house has adequate room for a dog, outside as well as within. This is because dogs need a lot of areas to work out, play, and even go out of business like the backyard.

Familiarizing the dog with New Owner

This helps ensure that all this is not a fraud and that if it’s all in order, the dog may be accompanied by documentation such as health certificates and vaccine certifications.
This must be chosen in advance so that they may create a place for their new family member.


The summary is you can’t ask how to sell a dog on Craiglist because you are not actually selling it. You are doing a rehoming for your dog from you to a new owner. However, if you are trying to make small bucks by letting your dog go you can do that.

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