How to Make Deer Antler Dog Chews?

Dogs like chewing, whether they are puppies or adults. It is normal and helpful behavior, yet misdirected chewing is sometimes a cause of stress for dog owners despite its benefits.

Deer antlers are an excellent natural option that stimulates healthy chewing behavior. However, it is essential to be well-informed in order to assess whether they are appropriate for your pet.

In recent years, dog deer antlers have grown so trendy. Dogs cannot but wrestle with their tails, for they love to consume bone marrow in deer. Now in this article, I have discussed how to make deer antler dog chews? I hope it will be helpful for your dog.

What are deer antlers?

How to make deer antler dog chews
What are deer antlers

Antlers are peculiar to the deer family and may be found on over sixty different species of male deer. They are composed of a bone-like material that starts as cartilage and gradually minerals. Every year, antlers are lost, and a fresh set of antlers develops for the breeding season.

They are exceedingly soft during that period, flowing with blood and coated in a delicate coating known as velvet. The blood flow ceases, and the antler mineralizes at the finish of their development, ready to attract females and beat off other males.

How can you make deer antler dog chews?

First, the antlers must be trimmed down to reasonable proportions. Not bite-sized bits, mind you, but large enough that your dog can grasp the antler while chewing and take it around.

Eight to ten inches long is roughly usual – and if you’re going to leave the antler branching. Select from a variety of power-cutting instruments. Place the antler in a table vice and use a hacksaw, a grinder’s cutting wheel, or a reciprocating saw to cut it into pieces.

The second crucial step in preparing antlers for delivery to excited puppies is to ensure that any sharp edges are removed.

If you’ve only seen store-bought antler, you might be startled to learn that the tips, as well as nubs and buds along the antler’s branches, maybe highly pointed.

Remember to bevel the edges of the antler where you cut it. Ridges are good and can even help keep teeth clean.

Are deer antlers suitable for dogs?

Are deer antlers suitable for dogs
Are deer antlers suitable for dogs

Antlers are mainly composed of calcium and phosphorus, although they also include potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and zinc. These minerals are essential for maintaining bone and muscular strength.

However, the most significant health advantage of deer antlers is their usage in assisting with dental care for your dog. Gnawing aids in the removal of plaque from the teeth and keeps them clean.

The majority of dental treats on the market are either high in calories or fragile and easily break off in your dog’s mouth. Deer antlers are none of these, yet they are a fantastic way to help your dog keep a healthy mouth.

What is the nutritional value of deer antlers?

Calcium: 89%
Sodium: 6%
Magnesium: 4%
Sulfur: Less than 1%
Potassium: Less than 1%
Fluorine: Less than 1%


Deer antlers are an excellent choice for encouraging healthy chewing behavior. They are a natural product that is high in nutritional value and, most importantly, is well-liked by dogs. So read this: How to make deer antler dog chews? It will help you to make deer antlers without anyone’s help.