How To Cremate A Dog Yourself

We know how hard it is to imagine your best friend passing away. Your dog gets closer than anyone else in your life. Yet you have to plan ahead for your dog. Because if you lose him for old age or any reason, that might bring an emotional breakdown. So planning for the deceased pet is recommended.

Also, you don’t want to bear the decomposed body of your dog because that can bring some trouble for you. You can either bury or cremate your dog. Burying might be an issue in some states, and cremating can cost a lot. Therefore, knowing how to cremate a dog yourself can help you pay respect to the remaining.

What is Cremation

How To Cremate A Dog Yourself
What is Cremation

Cremation means burning the deceased body of the dog in high heat. You can put your dog into a container and put flammable chemicals to produce heat around 1800-2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Use wood and other organic materials to keep the flame on. Your dog will get burned to ash with the remaining few bones and metals like collar tags or chips.

How to cremate a dog at home

If you are going to cremate your little friend at home take some precautions. Don’t do it inside your house because chemical combustion can build up gas in the room, and there is a high chance of accidents. Proceed only if you have enough space in the yard. Also, remember you can’t do it at Condo or apartment because you will get fined by the fire department.

If you have checked all the points when igniting a fire won’t be an issue, start collecting these items.

  • A large container to hold your dog
  • Lots of charcoal to keep the fire for a long duration
  • Woods and kindles that burns steadily
  • Potassium nitrate (amount depends on the size of the animal). You can choose either gun powder or stump remover but for safety purposes, we recommend stump remover.
  • Metal Pan for collecting ashes and remains.

Process of Cremating a Dog

  • Freeze the body of the dog 24 hours before cremating.
  • Place the dog on the metal container and cover it with wood and charcoal.
  • Now add the burnable woods so you can start the fire.
  • Add stump remover and charcoal liter fluid to the burning woods. Do it generously so the fire lits perfectly.
  • Now take a few steps back and wait for an hour to burn everything to ashes.
  • You may have to add stump remover more than once to cremate perfectly.
  • Once the fire is down, you will get some thick bones and bone fragments after an hour.
  • Crushing those with a sledgehammer is one way to get fine ashes without any bigger chunks.

Is it legal to cremate a dog at Home?

How To Cremate A Dog Yourself
Is it legal to cremate a dog at Home

Though many dog lovers don’t appreciate it, it’s legal in the United States to cremate a dog at home. But before you start a fire, know the laws of your neighborhood. Also, speak with your state’s authority and Police and get written permission, so you don’t have to bother later.

But if you are staying at an apartment with children and other sensitive issues, we don’t recommend it. Also, if your house is close to the neighbor with minimum to no space, lighting up a fire is not wise.

How much a dog cremation cost

If you take your dog to the vet for cremation, the cost can vary from 30$ to 250$. It depends on the size of the dog and also the way of the funeral. A smaller animal costs less and larger ones will cost more. And private cremation costs an average of 250$, where communal can cost 30$ on average.


It is hard for us to let go of our furry friends. Some of us take care of a dog from birth and want to do the funeral with our own hands. So knowing how to cremate a dog yourself can help stay from beginning to end of your dog’s journey.

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