How Long Does It Take To Train A Dog

When you get a new puppy or old stray dog, it is really exciting. You will feel like you have a new kid at home, and now you have to nurture it right. But the thing that bothers most people is training a dog. And a dog trainer often gets this question “ How long does it take to train a dog?” The answer is much complicated than it looks.

A scientific study shows that a human takes an average of 14 years to get skills right. So it will take at least four to five weeks for a dog to gain some basic understanding of the owner’s order.

Facts which affects the training time

How long does it take to train a dog
Facts which affects the training time

Most dog owners expect that training will be like 2 months of private sessions with a gym trainer or yoga teacher. But in terms of dogs, it doesn’t work like that. There many factors like the age of the dog, experience of the trainer, and more that can affect the time.

Age of the dog

Training puppy is much easier than old dogs. Yet older dogs can learn things quicker. The main reason for training delay is building bad habits. Dogs are the same breed as wolves. And the wolves follow the Alfa. If you get an older dog that can try to dominate and won’t accept you as alfa easily.

In puppies, they tend to follow older dogs. So it will be easier to train them. However, a dog can build bad habits within six months of age. So getting a 3 months old puppy is the best option for training.

Experience of the trainer

Whether you got a small puppy or an older dog, you can manage as long as you have experience. For a new dog owner, it will take longer than usual to train his dogs.

That’s natural because while training your dog, you will learn as well. The longer it takes to adapt for yourself, the longer will be the training time. Also, if you are impatient and tend to give up, your dog won’t follow your order.

Breed of the dog

Training time will majorly get affected by the dog’s breed. Training a labrador is much easier than training a hound. And bigger breeds of dogs are tough to control. So choose wisely which species you are going to train. A dominating breed will take more time than a follower breed.

The temperament of the dog

You will have to understand does your dog barks at every moving thing or reacts dependently. If your dog is always aggressive towards everyone, that will make training difficult. Also, if you got a lazy dog that only sleeps and eats, it is harder for you to train it.

Trainers efforts

Some people can play with their dogs every day. And some people can hardly make it 30 minutes twice a week for their dogs. Now you can’t get the weekly training benefits in one or two days a week. 30 minutes of training every day is more effective than 2 hours once a week.

Goals of the training

Before asking how long it will take to train a dog, set your goals. Suppose you want your dog to jump through a burning ring. That won’t be possible within months. And if you are trying to make your dog sit and stand, that may take 2 to 3 weeks. So setting goals for the training will give you the idea for training time.


Training your dog can takes months to years. But you can maximize the effect and minimize the duration by getting help from a professional. Also, if you are getting a dog for the first time, choose an easy to control breed. That will help you a lot.