How Long Can a Dog Go Without Water

You will definitely want to keep your pet healthy. So keeping your dog hydrated is good for his health. So your dog needs clean water to keep it hydrated. But what if they don’t get enough water? Or how long can a dog go without water?

It happens in the case of most owners that they forget to give their pet a bowl of water. But luckily your dog will survive about 8 hours without water.

But you should never make it a habit because it is harmful to his health. So try to avoid such things.

Proper hydration helps keep your dog healthy. If you repeatedly forget to water the dog’s water bowl, keep the water bowl separate.

Also always make sure that your dog is drinking enough water. Because if he does not drink enough water, it will harm his health.

How long can a dog survive without water?

How long can a dog survive without water

Dogs need water to survive. However, it is often seen that dogs do not want to drink water when they are sick. So you need to have an idea of ​​how long your pet will be safe without water.

Normally a dog can survive without water for about six to ten hours and this will not affect his health.

If you ever forget to fill your dog’s water bowl with water and go to the office, or if your dog spills water from the water bowl after leaving, don’t panic.

If your dog is indoors and he is not sick, he will be healthy without drinking water for about 10 hours. But as soon as you get home you will be sure to water the dog.

Make sure you water your dog before you go out. Never intentionally leave a dog without water.

Again there are many owners who do not voluntarily water the dog because they think that the dog will pee at home or in his crate after drinking water. But it is wrong to do so because it is a dangerous habit that endangers the health of your pet.

How long is it safe for a dog to go without water

A dog can go without water for a maximum of 72 hours and after 24 hours its body will show signs of dehydration. However, dogs that are less immune can die. If a dog does not drink water for 72 hours, it will have various experiences.


  • Without water, a dog will feel less energy than usual.
  • In the absence of enough water, the dog will feel water emptiness and the body will feel heavy to itself and they will become cool down.

If your dog is dehydrated at any time, you should offer him clean water and moisturized food. His body will be rehydrated when she eats moist food and takes water.


If a dog stays without water for two days, it will show more severe symptoms of dehydration. Weakness will reduce the dog’s mobility. So at this time, you should keep the dog in a quiet place until he is rehydrated.

In that case, the dog will not have enough strength to eat on its own. In that case, you should keep clean water and food in front of your pet.

If your dog does not want to drink water, water his gums with a damp cloth. In this way, they will be encouraged to drink at least some water.

If your dog cannot drink water and does not show any encouragement, he should be taken to the doctor very soon.

Also, if your dog develops nausea or diarrhea during dehydration, he is seriously ill and the dog should be taken to the medical center very soon.


If your dog has not eaten any animal or moist food for three days, his condition will be very critical. In this case, IV fluids will be needed to hydrate the pet.

During this time your pet will not have any kind of strength but will be weak and bent. In that case, your pet will not be able to move at all, but will die.

The dog will stop all other movements and he will lose his own immunity.

What happens when dog stops drinking water?

What happens when dog stops drinking water

It is usually seen in most cases that the dog drinks water when it is thirsty. So they do not have to force water. But if they do not drink water, is it a matter of concern? What happens when a dog stops drinking water?

Dogs stop drinking water when they have an underlying problem. It often causes stomach upset. They also stop drinking water if there is a serious problem with the intestines or bladder.

So if your dog stops drinking or doesn’t drink enough water, you should be concerned.

However, if your dog vomits frequently or has diarrhea, they may stop drinking water. However, if they do so, they will have dehydrated problems.

How do you hydrated a dog that won’t drink?

  • Your dog should drink plenty of water. For this, keep a water bowl in a frequent place in the house so that the dog is encouraged to drink water.
  • Feeding your pet moisturized foods will keep him hydrated.
  • Check the pot of water every few hours.
  • Clean the dog water bowl daily to prevent bacteria.
  • Consult a veterinarian if your dog feels more ill.

How can I tell if my dog is dehydrated?

Dehydrated dogs show a variety of symptoms. If you see any of the above symptoms in your dog, you can be sure that your dog is suffering from dehydration.

  • If the dog’s nose is dry, cracked, or flaky, then it is dehydrated.
  • Energy levels decrease and laziness increases.
  • The dog will have nausea and diarrhea.
  • Dog skin elasticity will be lost.
  • Your dog’s eyes will become dry for dehydration.

The bottom line

To an owner, a dog is not just an animal, it is the equivalent of a family member. Just as dogs take responsibility for safety, so does our entertainment. So like other members they also need water to keep themselves hydrated.

Dehydration can cause our pets to get sick and even die. Dehydration can affect their physical and mental health. So always give your favorite pet a bowl of water and make sure they are drinking enough water.

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