Best Guard Dog for First Time Owner

People want security all the time, because the crime rate is increasing. So people are looking for the best friend for their safety. And man’s best friend may be the only dog ​​that doesn’t even hesitate to sacrifice life for its owner.

Because the only dog to keep you really safe. So if you are looking for a dog for your safety then here is a list of Best guard dog for first time owner.


The Rottweiler has all the features of a guard dog. This breed of dog is considered to be the best guard dog because of its awareness and hyperactivity. They are always alert and reserved with strangers.

Besides, they are always ready to serve the people. AKC thinks that this breed of dog used to guide the blind. However, this breed of dog is very playful, friendly and fun-loving, especially when they are not on duty.

Dogs of this breed are very loyal and devoted so they always try to keep their owners happy. They are very protective of home and family even if needed they become violent and aggressive.

They tend to be strong, patient and intelligent. They are on the first list of police, military and customs for their features.

Rottweiler completed custom training at an early age and became one of the best guardians. They have the ability to learn quickly from birth and have the power to inspect.

German shepherd

The German shepherd would be one of the first to own a dog and it originated in Germany. This nation is considered as an all-rounder because they are very active. They are the absolute friend of the owner and are very efficient and reliable as staff and guard.

If the dog of this nation is properly trained, it will become the best guard of its owner. Trainable dogs are always ready to provide security to their owners. But untrained dogs can get furious and bite strangers.

However, these breeds of dogs are very smart, intelligent and brave. This breed of dog is the best guard for new owners, police and military.

Doberman pinscher

Best guard dog for first time owner
Doberman pinscher

Doberman pinscher is a very fearless and loyal dog who is always ready to provide security to the owners. This breed of dog is very active, intelligent and strong and always provides service to the owner and tries to keep him happy.

This breed of dog can catch intruders faster than other guard dogs. However, a special feature of this dog is that it does not attack anyone related to the owner as it is predictable. This breed is great for dog owners and home maintenance.

Also this breed of dog is very loyal to the owner and hyper-active which is not afraid to see anything. But for their alert and ultra-active properties, they are sometimes reputed to be harmful.

However, it is perfect as a guard, especially for its active features. This dog carries friendly behavior and likes to socialize. They learn protective behavior from a young age and are entitled to their instincts.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a great, strong and muscular dog. However, dogs of this breed are not socialized and outgoing dogs because they do not like strangers and behave aggressively.

However, as they are very protective and dutiful, they are always busy providing services to his family.

This breed of dog has long had a reputation for hunting and protection. But if you want a pet that is perfect for socializing, Chow Chow may not be the best choice for you.

Because they do not like socialization but prefer to accept freedom. But they should not be left without training as they can sometimes behave very stubbornly and aggressively.

These dogs need a lot of training especially for defensive and guard behavior.

Border collie

Border collie is the Best guard dog for first time owner especially because of their active features. Dogs of this breed are unlimited and self-reliant, so they are trained for border observation.

In addition, they possess smart intelligence, so they effectively perform all tasks and feel satisfied. They protect the family at all times and are active in searching for intruders.

So if you are looking for a best guard dog for your family and home security then Border Collie is great.

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