Dog Paw Pad Injury Healing Time and Prevention

Dog paw pad injury healing time and Prevention

Your dog can suffer from both intense pain and infections due to paw pad injuries. When your dog suffers from this type of injury while walking, it is certainly painful for him. So must be careful about dog paw pad injury healing time and prevention. A thousand things can cause paw injuries if your dog … Read more

How to Knock a Dog Unconscious/Can Dogs Get Taken Out?

How to knock a dog unconscious

How to knock a dog unconscious? You may also help your dog relax by providing a favorite blanket with a familiar scent. You can spray cages, automobiles, or any other carrier where the dog is kept with a spray. The rapid motion causes brain damage, causing the receiver to fall unconscious. Consult your veterinarian for … Read more

Small Black Bugs on Dog not Fleas?

Small black bugs on dog not fleas

Black bugs and fleas are two small insects. Dogs can get infected by a number of insects that look like fleas but act differently and cause different symptoms. The easiest way to deal with these problems is to understand how to detect small black bugs on dogs, not fleas. It’s important first to learn what … Read more

How Often Can Dogs Have Puppies?

How often can dogs have puppies

How often can dogs have puppies? Normally, this takes about twice a year or every six months, although it varies from dog to dog. There can be three cycles per year in some dogs. The large dog breeds experience the cycle one to two times a year, and smaller dogs go through the cycle two … Read more

What is Koehler Method of Dog Training?

What is Koehler method of dog training

Many dog owners want to control their dog’s bad behavior and look for Koehler’s method of dog training? William Koehler has built a dog training strategy during WWII that a dog acts on what he learns. According to his philosophy, a dog can choose his right to take action in certain conditions. So, you can … Read more

Can fleas kill a dog? Signs & Treatment

Can fleas kill a dog

 A flea is a parasite that lives off sucking blood from the host. Fleas mainly target dogs and cats. Unusually dogs are their favorite target as it has denser coat than cats. Fleas like dark places, so they colonize in the deeper furry areas. Most dog owners ask, can fleas kill a dog? Fleas can … Read more

How to Heat a Dog House Without Electricity?

How to heat a dog house without electricity

Most of the dog houses are at a distance from the owner’s home. So, many pet owners don’t have the facility to keep the dog house warm with electricity. Therefore here is a solution combining multiple methods on how to heat a dog house without electricity. Seal the dog house entirely if there is any … Read more